The Most Relaxing Business In New Jersey

I went to visit my college best friend in her hometown in New Jersey last holiday and came across something that piqued my curiosity. I have been doing business articles for the longest time and I want to write something different this time. It was way different, but in a good and refreshing way.  As a business writer for a business website, I am well aware of how stressful running a business could be. I have been doing interviews to rising business owners, to the tycoons, the giants, and the moguls, and always I would sense that despite their story of success and despite those smiles, something in them is just a little dead, and I figured too much stress, lack of sleep perhaps, or simply just the agitation does that to a person.


Now back to my vacation, I have not seen Heloise for a good 5 years or more and a day of catch up will not be enough so I decided to fly to her and spend  a quality 3 day chat extravaganza to make up for our lost time. A few hours after I arrive, she took me out for a walk around the neighborhood in New Jersey and did the usual short descriptions about her neighbors, and one particular blue house with the vastest garden has caught my attention. An elderly lady lives alone in that house, but she is never lonely. She runs the grandest and loveliest backyard plant nursery that I have seen, though I must admit that I never paid attention to something like that before. We did not really get the chance to speak with the lady, but all my questions were answered by Ellie anyway. Those were just questions out of curiosity and little did I know that I will be writing this to feature about a unique business.


Fast forward to me in New Jersey today, as I was thinking of articles to submit to my Supervisor, the blue house with the vast garden came back to me and gave me an idea, I will be showcasing this refreshing business idea for our readers and subscribers that might need some inspiration today. I did my research about the plant business, and came up with one astonishing finding; it is the most laid back relaxing business in the planet. It is eco-friendly, good for one’s well-being and has potential to earn a decent amount of money, and most of all anyone can do it. No degree is required, no experience in the corporate world is needed, age, gender, beliefs doesn’t matter. And you can do it in your backyard in your most comfortable time and in your most comfortable outfit. A few scientific studies showed that gardening reduces the anxiety and stress level of a person, improves mental health, strengthens immune system, helps prevent Alzheimer’s Disease to at least name a few.


How to start a plant business in New Jersey that is successful? Few basic gardening tools, a small place to grow plants, and tender loving care is all you need to turn your passion into a business.